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Managing Coronavirus Oubreak

LeadingAge Indiana Members Share Best Practices

During the coronavirus outbreak, our members come together to share best practices within their communities. 

  • If friends/family of residents have symptoms and have been exposed to anyone who has traveled to a level III country, ask them not to visit for 14 days post symptoms. Also, consider halting all resident outings until further notice.

  • Consider converting upcoming resident performance events to live stream events show on Facebook for families to see. 

  • Consider cancelling all non-emergent doctor appointments and only send residents to the hospital if absolutely necessary. Upon return, residents should be isolated for 14 days.

  • Prepare in advance to stop activities, social gatherings, worship services and dining room meal service if needed. 

  • Educate staff and visitors - Infection Control is the control; recommend action if symptomatic to protect residents.  Internally, staff should vigilantly monitor residents.
  • Focus effort is on education of staff, residents, and families.   Consider having your leadership team complete a tabletop drill regarding proper response.  

  • Develop a brochure that community can distribute to families and visitors. 

  • Monitor situation daily to make the determination if/when limiting visitors will be needed. Continue monitoring things closely with local hospital and local health department.

  • Post at every entrance instructions regarding washing hands, flu-symptoms, not visiting if recently traveled or come into contact with those that have travelled (international and domestic travel).   Step up visitor screening by requiring a short questionnaire to be completed upon sign-in. 

  • Very visibly do daily disinfection rounds in common areas and workspaces. 

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