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Legislative Updates

***UPDATED 2/12/19***


Week 5 Overview

The Indiana General Assembly has completed the first month of the "long" legislative session and is nearing the half-way point.  There there was a lot of activity during the fifth week of session and 80% of the Governor's Agenda has moved through the committee process.  All that remains is the Budget which is the only required action the Assembly must take before they adjourn on April 29.  There are several key pieces of legislation important to LeadingAge Indiana moving towards the second house to continue the process.


General Session Information

HB 1029 Prescription Drug Pricing Committee authored by Rep. Robin Shackleford, D-Indianapolis, passed out of the House Public Health Committee 11-0.  The bill establishes an interim study committee to look at issues consumers face related to access and pricing of medications.

SB 425 Minumum Age to Purchase Tobacco and E-Liquids
authored by Sen. Randy Head, R-Logansport would change the legal age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21.The bill passed the Senate Health and Providers Committee 8-2 and has been reassigned to the Senate Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee.
Bills of Interest to LeadingAge

SB 480 Medicaid Nonemergency Medical Transport authored by  Sen. Vaneta Becker, R-Evansville would set forth requirements for brokers of nonemergency medical transportation under the Medicaid fee-for-service program and  establishes the nonemergency medical transportation commission.

What does it mean for you: This is the first legislative attempt to identify and publish information regarding the currently contracted transportation broker Southeastrans including any complaint filed against the broker. It establishes a commission for the purposes of overseeing the Medicaid program.
SB 625/HB 1117 Medicaid Managed Care in Long Term Care Authored by Sen. Vaneta Becker in the Senate and Rep. Mike Karickhoff, R-Kokomo in the House would extends the prohibition on the office of Medicaid policy and planning from including certain Medicaid recipients who receive nursing facility services in a Medicaid risk based managed care program or a capitated managed care program through December 31, 2021. The prohibition is currently set to expire December 2019. This bill includes Medicaid recipients who participate in certain waivers or reside in an intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities setting in the prohibition of being placed into a risk based managed care program or capitated managed care program.

What does it mean for you: This bill will prohibit the administration from adding long term care services.

SBV625 passed the Senate Health Provider and Services Committee and was recommitteed to Appropriations.

SB 436 Nurse licensure compact authored by Sen. Andy Zay, R-Huntington specifies requirements for participation by the state in a multistate nurse licensure compact, including provisions concerning: (1) nurse qualifications, practice, and participation; (2) a compact commission; (3) interstate commission and state board of nursing authority and rulemaking; (4) a coordinated licensure information system; (5) oversight and enforcement; and (6) termination or withdrawal from the compact.

What does it mean for you:  This allows nurses to obtain licensure in one state and practice under that license in other states participating in the compact without having to complete the full licensure application/approval process speeding up the time and availability of nurses to begin their practice.
SB 188 Nursing Faculty loan repayment grant program
authored by Sen. Vaneta Becker, R-Evansville establishes the nursing faculty loan repayment grant program to increase the number of nursing faculty in Indiana. Requires the commission for higher education to administer the program. Establishes the nursing faculty loan repayment grant fund. Sets forth requirements for an individual to participate in the program.

What does it mean for you: Indiana suffers from a lack of nurses willing to train future nurses and this program is established for the purpose of increasing the number of educators and adjunct clinical faculty teaching in the field of nursing by assisting in the repayment of qualified student loans. 

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