Urgent: Stay Up to Date About PASRR Changes Coming July 1, 2016

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The Division of Aging is in the process of moving to a new nursing home admission approval process that will eliminate the current Pre-Admission Screening System.  It will be replaced by a new Level 1 process using an electronic system called Ascend and a new Level of Care system using another electronic system called InterRAI-HC.  This change will significantly speed up admissions, eliminate needless paperwork, and provide more timely assessments of Level of Care.
The Division and Ascend will be offering overview webinars through April. In May, training will include step-by-step instruction for all system users, providing what you need to know to complete your PASRR/LOC work.  The effective date for the start of the new system will be July 1, 2016.

It is very important that your staff be participating in this training and receiving information on these changes.  We encourage several key staff involved in the admission process to sign-up for two ongoing email lists:
Two key websites for a wealth of information are:
Click here for the slides from the March 30th webinar which provide a good overview of this process.
Click here for an excellent summary of these changes.



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