Southeastrans Updates

June 25, 2018

LeadingAge Indiana Meets with Southeastrans & FSSA for Answers to NEMT Questions
LeadingAge Indiana, together with representatives from IHCA and HOPE, met Friday, June 22 with representatives from Southestrans and FSSA, including Secretary Jennifer Walthall.  The meeting was held to resolve questions that arose following the town hall conference call held by Southeastrans regarding their serious delays experienced when calling their help desk, and more importantly, how to eliminate missed appointment when no transportation provider scheduled by Southeastrans appeared.
Thanks to the many LeadingAge members for sharing their information and data collected over the past 3 weeks that clearly demonstrated a lack of preparedness by Southeastrans (SET) with the June 1 launch of NEMT.  During the meeting, SET described a plan to create a more mature network by July 1 that included sixteen additional staff members dedicated to Indiana and a dedicated phone line for Indiana healthcare facilities to call to have their issues resolved promptly.  Their goal is 60 seconds or less to speak to a SET representative. 
Additional features to expect in the coming days include information that would relieve some of the stress on SET’s system by removing the requirement that all dual eligible residents be placed into the SET system for transport even though Medicare is the payor of record.  More information on how to handle Medicaid Pending residents and their transportation needs is also expected shortly.
Transition Period
On Friday, June 22, IHCP released the fourth bulletin regarding NEMT services which outlines an additional transition period for providers that have their own or other EMS transportation provider arrangements.  Nursing homes which have entered into preferred provider agreements with EMS or ambulance transportation providers.  All other transportation arrangements should be made directly with SET beginning July 1.  For the full bulletin, click here.
For more information on the SET process, click here to view the town hall presentation including a key contacts page for help with answering your questions. 
Please continue to document any issues with this process and forward to the attention of Mike Rinebold at



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