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Session Descriptions

Assisted Living Compliance Strategies
Are you seeing more resident falls within your community? More falls with serious injury? Resident acuity levels are higher today than they have ever been. We’ll focus on functional wellness, what that means and how your residents can achieve it. We’ll talk about specific risk factors and how you can manage those risks. Properly managing your resident’s functional wellness reduces the risk of adverse events that harm your residents. Jason Hazel PT, DPT; FOX Rehabilitation

PreCon: Everyday Compliance for Leaders Needing A Good Night’s Sleep
What Non-Profit Providers Should Know About Fraud Risk Mitigation
Allegations of healthcare fraud, false claims, and multi-million dollar settlements make the headlines weekly. Non-profit providers aren’t exempt from these concerns. This session reviews recent False Claims Act cases with a focus on trends in whistle blower allegations and actual 2017 SNF UPIC and other medical review activity patterns. We will also look at data currently driving government audits, key concepts in overpayment findings, the use of statistical sampling and extrapolation of error, and critical strategies to improve outcomes before and during a potential fraud review. Practical strategies to improve billing and supportive documentation accuracy and how to respond effectively to large scale ADR requests will be reviewed. The Board’s responsibility for compliance oversight, staying informed on risk, application of the 60-day reporting rule, and ensuring account-ability throughout the organization will be discussed. Proactive measures to reduce risk, ensure strong processes for compliance issue identification and remediation, and lower the culpability score will be shared. Amie Martin OTR/L; Proactive Medical Review

INALA Awards Luncheon & Business Meeting
The Indiana Assisted Living Association Awards Luncheon was established to recognize and honor those people who have positively affected the lives of those being served in Assisted Living. Nominees and winners will be recognized in a variety of categories. We invite you to celebrate with your peers! The Indiana Assisted Living Association Annual Business Meeting will be held in conjunction with the INALA Awards Luncheon at 11:30 AM. All INALA members are invited to attend. The meeting will include Board Member elections, a review of the financial report, and a report on INALA activities.

Quarterly Compliance Update
The last Quarterly Compliance session of 2017 will briefly address the Immediate Jeopardy and Actual Harm citations since the last quarter, but will primarily focus on November deadlines for the many changes in our industry. We, together, are bearing down on Emergency Preparedness requirements, Phase 2 of the Rules of Participation, and a new/revised survey process. It's time to conduct one last review of what's been done in preparation, and what your facility might still yet need to do.
INALA PAC Fundraiser
Please join us for a tour of two new senior living communities. We’ll furnish transportation, beverages and guides for only $50 as we visit these new providers. Proceeds will support the INALA PAC. Host communities are: 
  • Woodland Terrace of Carmel offers luxury assisted living and with its focus on creative arts, features music, art and technology studios plus a visual arts gallery and an outdoor performing arts auditorium.
  • Traditions at North Willow opened this summer. Physicians at the Center for Healthy Aging assisted in the design of its memory care unit and it incorporates the innovative Behavior-Based Ergonomics Therapy (BBET) for residents with Alzheimer's and Dementia.
Welcome Networking Reception
There is no other industry where sharing among peers is more imperative! Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy an evening with old friends and maybe even some new ones. This year's reception is free for all conference attendees (Exhibitors and Associate Members/Industry Partners will be required to pay a fee) and will take place at the Marriott East. 
Business Meeting & Breakfast
The Business Meeting Breakfast will be held from 7:30 to 8:00 AM prior to the Business Meeting. Individual tickets may be purchased for $25 to attend the breakfast, but they must be purchased in advance. There will be no tickets available at the door.
The Annual Business Meeting will be held from 8:00 to 8:30 AM, and is open to LeadingAge Indiana members. Elections of various Board of Directors positions will take place, as well as a review of the financial and business reports, and an update on all major association initiatives. Each facility will designate one voting representative for the meeting.
1A: Granny Cams and Video Surveillance – What Providers Need to Know
In this session, we will:
  • Review State law developments on rights and limits to placing a video camera in a resident's own living space.  Look at privacy issues with cameras.
  • Explore policies for resident videos. 
1B: It's Not Just a Piece of Paper - Writing Therapeutic Person-Centered Dementia Care Plans
During this session, we will discuss the "person first, dementia second mind-set" and visit the themes related to person-centered dementia care in the new regulations and how these require a vision of a new culture of care. This approach to dementia care and care plan development is focused on the goal of maintaining the core personhood and enhancing the quality of life for each individual. This session will cover the components of person-centered dementia  care planning, the steps in the process, how to create a care plan profile from an individual's life history and how to move from the traditional general practice care plans to specific person, lifestyle oriented care plan entries. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to write person-centered care plans from specific individuals’ life profiles.
Debbie Carriveau; Institute for Excellence in Memory Care
1C: Driving Outcomes for Managed Care: Focus on Quality and Value-Based Contracts
In the rapidly changing world of health care, providers are poised to drive payment for quality outcomes. This session will describe how LeadingAge providers and affiliates such as LeadingAge OH, LeadingAge IN, and LeadingAge IA have come together to form statewide networks of LTC providers to focus on quality and negotiate reimbursement contracts with managed care payors. These networks are a powerful tool to negotiate with managed care payors, especially as more and more states get out of the business of health care management and shift long term supports and services to managed care. While these senior populations are new to managed care payors, we have an opportunity to lead and design new care paths and opportunities for payment for value and health outcomes. The benefits of a LTC network will be explored by the managers and contract negotiators for the network, as well as a panel  of provider members.
Katie Colgan; Strategic Health Care
1D: RoP- Facility Assessment Requirements
This session will focus on a comprehensive review of the Phase 2 Requirements of Participation (RoP) related to the annual facility assessment. The content of this session will focus on helping nursing facility staff under-stand the new regulations and interpretive guidance related to the facility assessment. Strategies for completing and analyzing information from the facility assessment to ensure adequate resources are provided to meet the needs of the population will be discussed.
Shelly Maffia; Proactive Medical Review
1E: Engaging a Motivational Workplace
People want to use their abilities, connect with others, and guide their own efforts. Regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or life experiences, everyone shares these psychological needs. Forty years of research confirm the many benefits of helping people satisfy these needs, including improved job satisfaction, engagement, self-esteem, thinking ability, creativity, learning, trust, loyalty, dedication and performance. Leaders realize these benefits by creating conditions that support employees’ needs. In this session, participants will learn about these psychological needs, the benefits of satisfying these needs for employees, and how to create sustained performance and results. Patricia Fields; KeyZones Training & HR Solutions
2A: Medicaid Waiver Update
The Division will provide an update on Indiana’s compliance activities with regard to the federal Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) rule and also discuss its plan to expand the scope and availability of HCBS. The plan will include, among other items, an evaluation of the current system of services, eligibility process, reimbursement rates, and possible migration of individuals to amended or new Medicaid waivers. This promises to be an informative public policy discussion!
Senior Leadership; Division on Aging
2B: Award-Winning Program for Alzheimer’s & Dementia
This session will introduce attendees to the causes of behaviors in Memory Care residents from a neuroscience perspective, as well as provide practical solutions to manage different types of behaviors and improve each resident's well-being. This session will explain which parts of the brain are affected by the disease at each stage and will provide guidance for ways to interact with residents based on which parts of the brain are functioning better. The growing trend of mixed dementias (combination of Alzheimer's and another dementia) will also be addressed, because it presents unique challenges for resident care and engagement. The session will describe an individualized approach for preventing behaviors and reducing cognitive stress, especially during ADL care, which has also resulted in reduction in resident falls and reduction in the use of anti-psychotic medications.
Govind Bharwani; Wright State University
2C: Mastering Right Place, Right Time, Right Cost
With or without the Affordable Care Act, Managed Care and Altered Payment Models, CMS will continue to focus on quality outcomes for low cost. Many solutions are currently available, but most providers still struggle with incorporating the changes into today's challenging work-force in the healthcare Industry. During this session, we will: identify three reasons to embrace Treat in Place Models; identify current resources for clinical assessment of Change of Condition; and list barriers to compliance and success with Treat in Place Models. 
Rosanna Benbow; Leading Transitions Post Acute Care Consultation and Staffing
2D: Kaizen, Lean and the Practice of Nursing
Healthcare systems have long applied lean tools and principles adopted from the Toyota Production System. These tools for achieving performance-improvement targets are well-documented. These same lean tools can have a benefit to nursing, in particular—kaizen—has yielded positive benefits for nurses. Join experts from Purdue Healthcare Advisors as we explore the possibilities of Kaizen and Lean as they are applied to the Practice of Nursing.
Jeanine Parsch, MA, APR; Purdue Healthcare Advisors
2E: Engagement Secrets - Solving the Motivational Puzzle
Productivity. Low turnover. High performance culture. None of these buzzwords work if the organization’s engagement process is broken and people are under-performing. It’s time to look beyond the “buzzwords” and truly rethink motivation and performance management instead of tweaking “business as usual”. Good performers can become bad performers, and bad performers get comfort-able and stay. This presentation is a fast-paced look at some clever and aggressive new engagement and retention processes that are both effective and legally compliant, mixing fresh case studies with psychological theory. Unfortunately, engagement is far from an exact science. There's no secret formula, no easy calculation, no work sheet to fill out. This session will give several specific tactics and tools that can be used to make a difference in the short and long terms.
Karl Ahlrichs; Gregory & Appel
Town Hall Lunch
Enjoy lunch while we address one of the hottest topics of the day – Medicaid.  Hoosier influence is felt inside the Beltway of Washington, DC as Hoosiers have been selected to lead the effort at Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS). Invited to speak is CMS Administrator Seema Verma who earlier this year was nominated by President Trump and confirmed by the U.S. Senate and has been front and center as Congress has debated the various health care bills. Come to hear the latest from the Hoosier leader on the topic of Medicaid.
3A: Senior Living Marketing That THRIVES 
Join our diverse panel for a candid discussion of successes, failures, and lost opportunities when marketing senior living.
Sam Carrillo, The Stratford; Diana Matthews, Capital Senior Living; and Jeff Gronemeyer, American Senior Communities 
3B: Assessor’s Office 101
The Assessor’s Office locates, identifies, and appraises all taxable property in accordance with Indiana law. During this session, representatives will share policies, procedures, and information as well as the current legal status of various assessment topics. 
Judy Sharp, the Monroe County Assessor and President of IN County Assessors Association; David Bottorff and Ryan Hoff 
3C: Emergency Preparedness-From Paper to Readiness
This session will introduce the requirements of an Emergency Operations Plan and CMS requirements for long-term care facilities. Additionally, attendees will learn how to write a plan and put it into action. Attendees will be taken through key functional components of Emergency Preparedness and how to apply them to their setting. We will also explore the application of leadership planning, simulation, and readiness for Emergency Preparedness. Martie Moore; Medline Industries, Inc.
3D: Successful Antimicrobial Stewardship
This session will begin by introducing the requirements of antibiotic stewardship programs, due to be implemented in skilled nursing settings by November 28, 2017. Future requirements (Phase 3 of "Mega Rule") will also be mentioned. A case study will be utilized to envision the practical implementation, the challenges, and the advantages of a successful antibiotic stewardship program. This case study will review the results of a recent grant award-ed by the Indiana Health Care Foundation. The final portion of the presentation will discuss brief examples for practical application in a variety of settings, ultimately concluded by an opportunity for questions and answers.
Michael Eldridge, Grandview Pharmacy; Deb Lambert and  Sarah Starcher, Byron Health Center
3E: Thrive with Empathy
Residents in our care need caregivers who are empathetic. Empathy is on the decline and leaders must demonstrate empathy towards employees as well as teach empathy to caregivers in their facilities. Research shows a connection between empathetic caregivers and improved outcomes in the population they serve.
Cynthia Bone-Heithoff; Synergistic Evolution
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