2018 LeadingAge IN | HOPE | INALA Spring Conference and Trade Show Justification Toolkit

We’re excited that you’re considering attending the LeadingAge IN | HOPE | INALA 2018 Spring Conference and Trade Show and want to support your business case to help you attend. As part of these efforts, we’ve put together this Attendee Justification Toolkit, providing you with must-know information about the conference for you and your supervisor. When you propose attending the 2018 Spring Conference & Trade Show, it is key to focus specifically on what you will bring back to your organization. The 2018 Spring Conference & Trade Show is the place to learn the latest practices and to learn how other Aging Services Providers are tackling the same problems you face. 

General Tips
Top 10 Reasons for Attending
Sample Justification Email

Did You Know:
100% of 2017 Attendees Would Recommend This Event to a Colleague

General Tips

  • Focus on what you will specifically bring back to demonstrate return on investment. Which of the sessions are most relevant to your professional development goals or your organization's expectations of you? What new skill(s) or approach(s) will you bring back?
  • Offer to prepare and deliver a short presentation and Q&A to your colleagues to share what you learned. Your co-workers will get the benefits of your attendance from your presentation.
  • Don’t forget the CEU’s available. Attending the LeadingAge IN Spring Conference & Trade Show is less expensive than registering for separate conferences. It also requires less time away from the office.
  • Be ready with a plan that shows who will cover for you while you are attending the conference
  • Explain that the conference showcases over 100 vendors dedicated to the Aging Services Industry. Visiting with vendors will allow you to gain a broader perspective of the tools and solutions available to you and your organization.
  • Offer to share a room to reduce hotel expenses by finding a roommate or carpooling!

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 2018 Spring Conference & Trade Show

  1. Experience an aging services conference completely dedicated to you.
  2. Visit over 100 exhibiting companies showcasing their latest products, technology, and services designed specifically for Aging Services. 
  3. Make the most out of your time in the In Touch Pharmaceuticals Exhibit Hall – give back with the Life on Purpose Service Project, get CEUs at the Idea Accelerator mini sessions, meet your association staff at the Idea Exchange and last but not least, check out the 100+ exhibitors with solutions and services to make your job easier!
  4. Engage in networking events tailored to connect you with your industry peers, whether you are meeting new people or are reacquainting yourself with people you met last year.
  5. Connect with young professionals and students looking to build careers in the Aging Services Industry. 
  6. Meet with over 600 members and vendors from LeadingAge Indiana, HOPE, and INALA. With this many contacts it is impossible not to make a meaningful connection.
  7. Learn from your peers and experienced Aging Services professionals as they share stories of failure, success, and case studies. 
  8. Increase your knowledge and earn CEUs. There are sessions for every discipline from Leadership to Workforce Solutions. With over 30 sessions to choose from, the hardest part will be picking only 1 per time slot!
  9. Celebrate Aging Services Voices from across the continuum at the LeadingAge IN Health Management Advisors Awards Luncheon and glean award-winning ideas from Aging Services providers.
  10. Learn what it means to lead a Life of Purpose.

Did You Know:
84% of 2017 Attendees Rated Their Overall Impression of the 2017 Spring Conference & Trade Show as Either Outstanding or Very Good

A Justification Email to Your Supervisor

Dear <supervisor's name>,
I would like to attend the 2018 LeadingAge IN | HOPE | INALA Spring Conference and Trade Show which takes place Monday, May 7 – Tuesday, May 8, 2018 in Indianapolis. Throughout the conference I will attend many sessions that are directly applicable to my role here at <COMPANY NAME>. I will also have opportunities to meet with a variety of professionals and colleagues at the 2018 Trade Show.
After reviewing the conference program link, I have identified several sessions that address the specific needs and challenges we face and will provide helpful information on how we can address these issues moving forward. Some of the sessions I am particularly interested in attending are:
<Insert the session descriptions which most apply to your responsibilities.>
For additional information on the conference I encourage you to visit   www.leadingageindiana.org/conference. I am confident that my attendance at the 2018 LeadingAge IN Spring Conference and Trade Show will result not only in my own professional development, but also in knowledge and best practices that I can share with colleagues who did not attend to build a stronger team. The opportunities to network with peers and learn from experts are an appropriate use of both our training/education budget and my time away from work. I would be happy to discuss your expectations of my attendance to ensure that they are met. 
I very much appreciate your consideration of my request. If you require any further information at this point, please let me know.
<your name here>