Dear Friend,
Much of our childhood classroom time was spent looking at dictionary entries and learning definitions for new words. The clear, concise nature of a dictionary helped us build our vocabularies and set us up to THRIVE both in and out of the classroom.
That’s our goal at the fall conference, too! We want you to THRIVE. And, just like a dictionary entry, we will do it in a short and simple way: with stellar programming and dozens of opportunities to network.
At this year’s conference, you’ll be able to mix and match from FIVE different programming tracks. Step out of your comfort zone, learn about something new, and give yourself the means to THRIVE within your career and at home!
The staff, board members and education committee are very excited for the programming and network opportunities our members will be afforded, and we hope you are too!
We hope you are just as ready to THRIVE as we are!
Jim Leich, President/CEO
LeadingAge Indiana